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The Chrome browser may get functionality that automatically reorders users’ tabs. The reordered browser tabs will then be organized into different groups.

According to experts, the new tab reordering feature is an extension of the existing Tab Groups functionality. This feature is a powerful tool that allows users to manage their various tabs in the browser. The tool ensures that equivalent tabs are brought together in groups or “tab groups”. This should make it easier for the end user to understand what tabs they have open.

Tab groups also allow users to colour code these groups for easier retrieval.

Een screenshot van de Twitter-app op een iPad.

Organize Tabs

The feature automates this process in a smarter way. The “Organise Tabs” functionality cleverly rearranges tabs and sends them to different window groups.

In addition, the feature is also expected to automatically create tab groups when the various tabs are categorized systematically.

Ultimately, this should provide a better browsing experience for end users, with the various tabs arranged like documents in colour-coded folders on a desktop. It’s not known when the new functionality arrives.

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