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OpenAI launches GPT Store and new subscription for small businesses

OpenAI launches GPT Store and new subscription for small businesses

Update, Laura Herijgers, 11/1/2024, 2:31 pm: OpenAI’s GPT Store was officially launched yesterday, later in the afternoon. Techzine previously discovered some indications of the possible launch, but there was no word from OpenAI yet.

There is also a new, paid version of the chatbot: ChatGPT Team. The offer is aimed at organizations that have previously been able to use ChatGPT Enterprise.

The cost is $25 per user per month if the company pays annually. That makes the offering cheaper than the Enterprise offering, which should make ChatGPT Team more attractive to smaller companies. Enterprise is only available in consultation with the OpenAI sales team and is, therefore, intended for large groups of users.

In the model of the chatbot there is only one difference to note, namely a smaller context window at ChatGPT Team. In other services for ChatGPT Team, we note that there are fewer admin options and no priority is given to OpenAI customer service issues.

Original, Erik van Klinken, 10/11/2024, 3:56 pm: This week, OpenAI was supposed to launch its GPT Store. There is no announcement yet, but the new offering of “custom” GPTs appears to be already operational – partly.

We haven’t heard anything from OpenAI yet, but indirectly a so-called GPT Store Finder can already be accessed. Interestingly, the author is not OpenAI, but a user going by the name of thesamur.ai. Anyone searching “GPT Store” earlier today could find it via Google, but that now no longer appears to be the case. Currently, only ChatGPT Plus users can use the feature.

Yesterday, X user Imrat Jn already found evidence of a main GPT Store page, including Featured and Trending sections.

From career advice to programming help

The screenshots on X already showed that there are many different GPTs to choose from. Various applications to explain board games or to provide research assistance were already visible, but now it appears that a number of these GPTs are already live.

In fact, the GPT Store Finder goes one step further. For example, those looking for a GPT for programming assistance (one of OpenAI’s suggested prompts) will get Code Support and GPT-Searcher as recommendations. From these, however, the functionality does not yet appear to be full-fledged: while Code Support opens a new window, GPT-Searcher gives an error message.

Hoe schrijf je een sollicitatiebrief voor een baan.
A response from Career Counselor to one of the suggested prompts

Further GPTs include Career Counselor, Creative Writing Coach and image generator Hot Mods. All GPTs work just like a regular ChatGPT session, with the ability to interact with the chatbot through text or by using images.

Hoe maak je een pdf van een psd-bestand.
Code Support, which again answers one of the suggested prompts.

The answers do differ significantly from the usual ChatGPT. In response to the question of how to extract images from a PDF, Code Support provides specific programming code with a confidence score attached, while the normal chatbot describes a number of possibilities in text, with ChatGPT using its now-typical bulletpoint answers.

GPT Store takes shape

The new functionality of the GPT Store is already (partially) enabled. However, a central dashboard as shown on X is still missing. Also, access to the custom GPTs seems to work simply through a ChatGPT Plus subscription, so there is no evidence of a new way to gain revenue as a user on the platform.

It remains to be seen what OpenAI will announce once it officially launches the GPT Store. Either way, the issue will be to keep out false advertising, as the X screenshots also show a fake GPT-5 variant.

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