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Gemini can now be used in more languages to search users’ Gmail and Google Drive. Google’s AI assistant can save time searching for and summarizing information available in emails and documents, as well as other information saved within the Google ecosystem. The extension also works for Google Maps and YouTube and when searching for flights and hotels.

The functionality will be available in all languages for which Gemini is already available. So in terms of European languages, that includes French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch in addition to English. The connection between the AI assistant and other Google services works through a so-called extension, which requires the user to give access to Gemini before they can use the functionality.

For English-speaking users, the feature has been available since September, when Gemini was still called Bard. At the time, Google mentioned that the information will not be viewed by human eyes, is not used to display ads and is not used to train the AI model.

Google itself comes up with plenty of examples of how Gemini can be useful. For example, in Gmail, it is possible to search and summarize the content of emails by asking questions such as ‘look up in my Gmail when the baby shower is’. For Google Maps, Gemini uses up-to-date information to help the user reach their destination on time, like which bus to take to arrive at a specific location or when to take the car to reach a certain music venue at 8 ‘o’clock.

Content recommendations

In Google Drive, as in Gmail, Gemini helps sniff out and summarize information based on questions in ‘natural language’. For Youtube, Gemini makes on-demand recommendations for content the user wants: a relevant tutorial, a review of a particular product or a music suggestion based on stated preference.

Business travellers or vacationers can use Gemini as a price comparator when booking hotels and flights. Google promises Gemini can do this in great detail. The company gives the example of a one-week holiday to Majorca by plane for two adults and two children. Upon request, Gemini provides information on specific flights and lodgings within a certain budget.

From Google’s Chrome browser, users can immediately activate Gemini by typing @gemini in the address bar, followed by a prompt.

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