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OpenAI wants to rival Google in the search engine space. It may introduce an AI search engine as early as next Monday. The introduction would take place just before the tech giant’s annual I/O conference where new AI features are announced.

OpenAI has reportedly been developing the AI-powered search engine for some time. With this, the company hopes to further compete with Google, writes Reuters. Other AI companies such as Perplexity are also trying to bring the fight to the tech giant this way.

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ChatGPT extension

OpenAI’s future AI search engine is most likely an extension of the well-known AI assistant ChatGPT. Specifically, this extension would allow ChatGPT to retrieve real-time information from the Internet and provide references to the Internet. Incidentally, this already applies to ChatGPT Plus, but in that case the chatbot bases the choice to look something up depending on the context. The AI search solution would default to assuming that something needs to be looked up on the Internet.

Possibilities competitors

Google, however, is not sitting still either. That company has announced new AI features for the supreme Google search engine. OpenAI competitor Perplexity has also made public an “AI-native” search interface. Among other things, this interface displays references in search results, in addition to images and text.