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Vanenburg changes name to Rappit

Vanenburg changes name to Rappit

Vanenburg will become Rappit. The new name should have better international appeal and emphasize the focus on its own product: the Rappit product suite.

With Rappit, the old Vanenburg continues to focus on the same products. Therefore, the company remains active in Enterprise Software, specifically the Rappit product suite, which can be used for application development on Google Cloud.

Growing internationally

Under Rappit, the product portfolio should continue to expand, and the company should also grow stronger internationally. The company is betting on growth locations in Europe and India, where there is already a team of more than 200 employees. The headquarters are in Putten, the Netherlands.

Rappit CEO Ardjan Baan wants to assure existing customers that outside of the name change, there is no change in service: “Our primary mission and commitment to our customers’ success remain unchanged. We are still the same motivated team with 45 years of experience, committed to supporting our clients in a world of rapid change.”

The company’s website is, by the way, already refreshed to jumpstart the new name.

The Rappit product suite. Source: Rappit