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Microsoft has made its Windows Virtual Desktop solution available in public preview, reports TechCrunch. This allows any enterprise user to try out the virtual Windows 10 desktop hosted in Azure.

Microsoft announced the Windows Virtual Desktop last year, but it was only available as a private preview at the time. The Virtual Desktop should provide a virtual experience of Windows and Office from Azure. Therefore it is not necessary to set up, host, configure and manage components such as storage, rich diagnostics, advanced networking. The environment continues with free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates, support for the Microsoft Store and existing Windows apps.

The idea of such a service – which also provides access to Office 365 ProPlus – is to make it easier for enterprises to manage machines and the software that runs on them. Employers in regulated industries can also offer a virtual desktop to their mobile workers, ensuring that all sensitive data remains secure. Another notable feature is that companies can run multiple Windows 10 sessions on a single virtual machine.


Many of the functions the service has are supported by FSLogix technology. That company was taken over by Microsoft last year. The technologies specifically enable Microsoft to offer non-persistent users relatively fast access to applications such as Outlook and OneDrive.

For most Microsoft 365 enterprise users, access to the Windows Virtual Desktop is part of the subscription fees they already pay. However, an Azure subscription is required and payments must be made for the virtual machines running in the cloud.

The service is now only available in the US East 2 and US Central Azure regions. Later, and after the preview is over, the service is extended to all cloud areas.

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