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Schneider Electric announces smart office solutions

Schneider Electric announces smart office solutions

Schneider Electric has announced a range of flexible digital services for modern and smart offices, called EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor. EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor will use real-time data from wireless sensors to facilitate flexible workplaces, improve employee health and effectively manage facility services.

With this, Schneider Electric wants to offer benefits not only to building and facility managers, but also to a new generation in the workplace, which according to the company, demands comfort and a seamless work experience.

With occupancy analysis, users should gain insight into free desks, offices, meeting rooms and other facilities based on real-time data. In this way, building managers can identify space requirements and adjust the layout of flexible and fixed workstations to match the actual use of the rooms. This allows employees to see available spaces at any time.

There is also geolocation and navigation, which includes a mobile navigation app. This allows employees to quickly see where colleagues, workstations, meeting rooms and facilities can be found. The app also offers a digital floor plan that is always up to date. Again, this should increase employee productivity, save time and prevent frustration.

Employee health

Furthermore, health analyses should help improve the well-being of users of buildings and increase their productivity. This is done by actively monitoring temperature, humidity and CO2, as well as sound, light and gaseous organic compounds. A building’s Comfort Score should make it easier to identify areas with recurring comfort problems, as these have a negative impact on the working environment.