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Accepting Shadow IT can actually help companies expand in the time of COVID.

Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint and ICT giant Fujitsu have joined forces to help businesses meet the challenges of Shadow IT in the modern enterprise.

Shadow IT” refers to the use of unapproved tools and platforms by employees.

As part of its managed security services program, Fujitsu offers Forcepoint security solutions to help customers secure their remote workforce. The services are available across the UK&I, Iberia, Nordics and Benelux.

Coronavirus has pushed Shadow IT to the forefront of enterprise security

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to quickly adapt to remote work environments for large parts of their workforce. Enterprises must now manage secure data access across a wide range of devices, some of which are shared. And all of them connect using multi-use home Internet services.

Security leaders, who had already been struggling with the challenges of changing network boundaries, now also have to manage people. The challenges of protecting critical data and maintaining secure employee behaviours are now significantly increased.

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Forcepoint and Fujitsu partner to solve the problem

Growth and productivity could get a boost from individual employee initiative, according to David Barnett, Director of Edge Protection at Forcepoint.

“It is human nature to seek workarounds, if IT protocols appear to compromise employee productivity or if solutions are not readily available to workers,” he said.

Andy Baines, Chief Security Architect at Fujitsu added: “At Fujitsu we recognise the challenges that businesses face when implementing necessary changes to enable remote working at scale.”

On Wednesday, Forcepoint and Fujitsu partnered to host the webinar, “Illuminating Shadow IT to Accelerate Growth”. In this event, Baines and Barnett shared insights on addressing data protection and shadow IT.

What the experts recommend

According to Fujitsu, firms should focus on evaluating cloud apps, and identify over-exposed data and risky users. This is necessary to classify and protect their data, and ensure compliance and data privacy.

To help enterprises achieve these goals, Fujitsu offers a range of cloud security solutions from Forcepoint. These solutions enable customers to transform their network and security architectures. They also help simplify connectivity and unify security policy enforcement in application and network environments.

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