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Google tool automatically makes videos of webpages

Google tool automatically makes videos of webpages

Google has developed a new tool that allows web designers to create a sample video of a website easily. The tool, called URL2Video, uses machine learning to see which elements are important to highlight.

URL2Video looks at elements like images, videos, fonts and colours to capture the style of a web page. Based on these elements, the tool then creates a video that exhibits the website. The idea is that web designers can generate a video about their website in no time, without having to hire a video creator.


User input

The user can choose which aspect ratio the tool should use. The end result can also be updated by rearranging the order of the materials used or changing the colors used.


Not yet available

For the time being, the concept has only been published in the form of a blog post on Google Blog and an extensive paper on Google Research. It is not yet downloadable for third parties. The company is still working on the possibility to add sound and voiceovers.

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