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New features make it easier for organizations and their employees to strengthen connections and create new ones.

This week Microsoft announced it is adding new communications options and features to its Teams collaboration platform. Some of these additions are generally available now and others will begin rolling out in 2021. 

Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams General Manager, described the new features in a blog post.

“Calling alone is a great way to reconnect and quickly share information,” she writes. “However, when you integrate calls with different modes of communication, they can act as a productivity force multiplier. We’re introducing several ways to create a more powerful and streamlined calling experience.”

Here are some of the new features:

Teams Admins can now take advantage of the tight Teams and OneDrive or SharePoint integration. They can elect to make OneDrive or SharePoint the default recording storage location, in lieu of Stream.

CarPlay support allows customers to use their vehicle’s built-in controls to operate Teams. They can even use Siri to place and answer calls.

Teams can also identify potential spam calls. It will also digitally attest outgoing calls to prevent call rejection by external recipients. 

Starting in early 2021, users will be able to shift calls between mobile and desktop endpoints. Users can effect the switch through an easy-to-use interface on the Teams app.

Call merge is also now available for both PSTN calls and VoIP calls.

A new collaborative calling capability enables teams to integrate call queues into a specific channel. This allows for collaboration and information sharing before, during, and after the call. Starting in early 2021, Teams users will be able to create new channels that are voice-enabled.

Contact center solutions can use presence and user APIs to seamlessly integrate with Teams. This allowsagents to find the right colleagues to assist. Now, contact center providers can apply for Microsoft certification of their solutions. This will provide customers with the confidence needed to manage important customer interactions.

Users can find more detailed information about the new Teams Calling enhancements on the Microsoft Teams Calling webpage.