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This week SurveyMonkey announced the availability of SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker. These are two new solutions that the company says will enable users to continuously monitor shifts in market perception. This in turn will help them to quickly react in order to fuel growth.

Digital transformation, the onset of the pandemic, and rapidly changing buyer behavior have accelerated the pace of change in business. SurveyMonley says this means traditional market research firms are unable to provide the same value they once did.

These latest tracker offerings use technology to help organizations win in hypercompetitive markets, according to the company.

Leveraging AI and ML to enhance ease of use

SurveyMonkey Market Research Solutions allows customers to gather proprietary data on-demand from over 144 million respondents globally, they say. SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker use AI and machine learning capabilities to make it easy to launch methodologically-sound tracker.

They also help uncover insights at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional agencies, according to SurveyMonkey.

The technology, when paired with SurveyMonkey’s Expert Services team, enables a flexible delivery model. This model provides the right level of service to meet each organization’s unique needs. And they do it without the overhead cost or extended timelines of agencies, they claim.

SurveyMonkey: COVID-19 created the demand for these new solutions

Priyanka Carr, general manager of Market Research Solutions at SurveyMonkey, credits Coronavirus for the new launch. “COVID-19 accelerated an existing trend of digital-first research to keep up with rapid changes in buyer demands and competitive dynamics,” she said. “We saw market perception shift dramatically many times last year and not on the schedule a traditional research agency provides reports.”

“We’re thrilled to launch SurveyMonkey Brand Tracker and SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker. These two solutions show the growing value of replacing slow agencies with agile technology that delivers insights on-demand, allowing businesses to rapidly react and adapt.”