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HP said that it is planning to acquire Teradici, a company that makes software designed to deliver high-performance computing for tablets and PCs. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed in the announcement.

This acquisition is part of a more expansive plan by HP to enable hybrid work models that include extensive remote computing.

Remote desktop software has been the way to go during a pandemic year and has ensured that hybrid work models will continue to be how a significant part of the employee population operates.

The value of Teradici

HP hopes to combine Teradici with its ZCentral Remote Boost software, focused on remote access to workstations. HP with Teradici will appeal to users of high-performance computing, in industries like animation, media, and engineering.

Teradici’s Cloud Access Software (CAS) uses PC-over-IP protocol to connect over 15 million endpoints across the globe.

The system is composed of PCoIP agents, CAS Manager to provision connections, and the endpoints (clients). The Teradici virtual workstation ecosystem includes VMware, Autodesk, HP, Dell, the big three clouds, Nvidia, Adobe, and HPE.

The future for Teradici

Teradici has 216 employees listed on its LinkedIn page and has been privately held during its existence. It has raised $82.8 million in nine rounds, according to a report by Crunchbase.

Some of its key partners in enabling its technology include Nerdio, which is making Windows desktop as a service a reality for MSP and their customers. Nerdio partnered with Teradici to support PC over IP in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) deployments managed with Nerdio Manager for Enterprise.

HP has not said whether Teradici will continue to support Apple Macintoshes but those details will be made clear as time goes by.