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Cloud infrastructure company DigitalOcean has acquired Nimbella, a startup that has only been in operation for three years, for an undisclosed sum. Nimbella set out to make multi-cloud serverless software development easier.

DigitalOcean is best known for offering an IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) platform that helps software developers deploy and scale applications across several cloud servers. The New-York based company is fresh from an IPO and has been on a winning streak over the last half-year, hitting a market capitalization of almost $8 billion last week. That is 80% over its March valuation.

Going serverless

DigitalOcean has products it calls ‘droplets’ referring to on-demand Linux machines that form a managed Kubernetes services promising uptime and scalability for cloud-native apps.

Last October, it started offering an app platform for use in building and deploying apps as part of a platform-as-service offering.

In addition to that, the company offers other products that include databases, networking, storage, and more. Serverless is used to describe a cloud-native development model that allows developers to make and run applications without managing their own servers. They outsource that task to third-party providers, who charge them on a pay-for-what-you-use basis.


The acquired company was founded in Santa Clara, California in 2018. It offers a Kubernetes-based serverless platform. The startup’s founders created Apache Openwhisk before Nimbella was started. It proved useful since Nimbella leverages it.

The company calls its offering cloud-agnostic, meaning it can run on public and private clouds, enabling support for hybrid and multi-cloud setups. DigitalOcean said the acquisition adds to its PaaS and IaaS offerings and that it will eventually integrate Nimbella’s serverless compute tools with its other products and services. DigitalOcean’s CEO Yancey Spruill said serverless computing ‘is the next evolution of the cloud.’