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DataCore buys MayaData with an eye on Container-Attached Storage

DataCore buys MayaData with an eye on Container-Attached Storage

DataCore Software acquires MayaData. With the purchase, DataCore adds a Container-Attached Storage solution to its existing Software-Defined Storage portfolio.

MayaData is the lead developer of OpenEBS, a software solution for setting up storage in container-native environments. An example of such environments is one or more data centers in which applications are deployed and managed primarily in Kubernetes containers.

OpenEBS enables users to connect containers to storage hardware and optimize the exchange of data. Built with Kubernetes, the solution runs exceptionally close to containerized applications. Effective, because the closer an application is to the data layer, the faster the application can retrieve and write off data.

OpenEBS continues under DataCore

DataCore’s acquisition enables the organization to leverage and develop OpenEBS and other MayaData software, including OpenEBS to build and modernize customers’ storage environments.

The interest makes sense. Although figures on the adoption of container orchestration and Kubernetes vary, the IT leadership of most large companies agrees that containers are the future. The importance of a data layer isn’t going anywhere. That data layer is what DataCore wants to continue to take care of for organizations, clarifying its embrace of a Kubernetes-focused storage solution like MayaData’s OpenEBS.