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Aptiv to buy Windmaker IoT operating system maker for $3.4 billion

Aptiv to buy Windmaker IoT operating system maker for $3.4 billion

The renowned auto parts distributor, Aptiv PLC, announced its purchase of Wind River Systems for $3.4 billion. The software program designed by Wind River Systems is compatible with 2 billion IoT devices.

Aptiv plans to buy Windmaker from TPG Capital, the private equity division of TPG investment enterprise. The establishment (TPG Capital) acquired Wind River from Intel in 2018 for an unknown amount. Before that, the IoT operating software was an integral part of Intel’s division for more than ten years. However, the software also served as an independent firm before Intel obtained it.

What is Wind River Systems?

Wind River Studio supplies a rich profusion of development tools that streamline software building processes for connected devices. Furthermore, the program offers numerous features that enable software programmers to test various components to assess code’s reliability before it is rolled out.

The platform eases the build procedures and empowers developers to convert code into an operating program. With Wind River software, the development teams can also maintain the programs after they are released.

Wind River’s programs are compatible with more than 2 billion IoT (Internet of Things) devices, making it ideal for industrial robots, including the likes of Nasa’s Perseverance rover. Additionally, the establishment is involved in the sales of real-time operating systems, known as VxWorks. The OS is meticulously designed to run on IoT systems with limited processing ability and software programs with exclusive needs. The firm also provides a Linux-based OS for connected devices.

How does this benefit Aptiv?

Aptiv has earned international popularity for being one of the biggest auto parts manufacturers. Currently, the firm has more than 180,000 employees, making it the leader in the auto industry. However, its acquisition of Wind River OS will streamline its operations even further. This purchase will also pave the way to acquire Wind River Studio, making Aptiv the leader in the international vehicle software industry.

Aptiv can join Wind River’s software program, customer base, and abilities with Aptiv’s knowledge, assets, and scale, to generate a state-of-the-art machine economy. Moreover, the firm plans to optimize its software products for automakers to use Wind River Studio. Aptiv further plans to combine Wind River Studio with its own Smart Vehicle Architecture (SVA) platform.