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Google is expected to expand its Nearby Share solution with Self Share. According to Chrome Story, Self Share will soon allow users to send files to various devices of their own.

Currently, Google Nearby Share allows users to quickly send various files to nearby Chrome OS and Android devices owned by other users. The feature is similar to Apple AirDrop for iOS-based devices.

According to Chrome Story (a blog), Google plans to expand the functionality. The upcoming Self Share should allow users to send (large) files to their own devices, removing the need for email and third-party file-sharing services for sharing files among owned devices.

The service is expected to use Bluetooth, WebRTS or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. Connectivity allows data to be sent to nearby Chrome OS and Android devices in seconds.

Availability unknown

The functionality should ultimately improve interoperability between Google-based devices. However, Self Share is yet to be approved in the Chrome OS Canary development process. Its release date is unknown at this time.