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PRTG Hosted Monitor is now available worldwide

PRTG Hosted Monitor is now available worldwide

Paessler has expanded PRTG Hosted Monitor. The monitoring-as-a-Service offering is now available worldwide. The service allows IT administrators to monitor all data center, infrastructure and IoT environments from a centralized environment.

PRTG Hosted Monitor, a managed version of Network Monitor, has been readily available in some regions. Now, Paessler releases the service on a global scale. According to the developer, the service relieves network administrators of the burdens of network monitoring.

Among other things, the hosted service features more than 250 different predefined sensors. This enables administrators to monitor every device linked to an IP address. All data enters a single environment and dashboard, giving administrators real-time insight into the entire network environment and the devices within.

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PRTG Hosted Monitor can be deployed without core servers, which differentiates the service from Network Monitor. The service is hosted in AWS’ public cloud and available on a subscription basis. Hosted Monitor is capable of monitoring on-premises environments as well as cloud-based infrastructure.

Paessler takes care of the infrastructure required to operate the tech, removing the need for hardware investments and management. Paessler PTRG Hosted Monitor is available immediately.