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Bloomberg reported on Sunday that Apple is planning to unveil an unprecedented variety and number of new hardware products.

In addition to the next generation of its flagship iPhone series, the trillion-dollar company expects to debut a redesigned MacBook Air laptop, an iPad Pro tablet with wireless charging features, and a host of desktop computers.

The wearable markets will also see updates to the Apple Watch. It is thought that Apple is working on more than a dozen new products in total.

What else is Apple working on?

The iPhone maker is expected to make the announcement sometime this fall. Usually, the fall product events take place in October and September. The main highlights of the announcements will include the upcoming iPhone 14 series, which will come in three iterations (the iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 standard devices). The smartphones will, reportedly, have a new chip called A16, set to be made using either a three-nanometer or four-nanometer manufacturing process.

Along with the phone series, Apple is reported to have an updated version of its existing entry-level iPhone SE, which will feature the high-speed 5G network standard to produce faster wireless connections. This will probably be announced during Apple’s spring event, usually reserved for the ‘lesser’ announcements.

The chip change

The MacBook Air redesigned version has received a lot of coverage, with reports saying it would ditch the already impressive M1 chip for a new system-on-chip set known as M2. There is not much difference between the two, as M2 has been described only as ‘marginally faster.’

The MacBook Air is not the only model in Apple’s Mac line-up expected to get new silicon, replacing the Intel chips used in current devices. Much more interesting as far as we are concerned is the rumour that Apple will also announce a new Mac Pro during its fall event. This new desktop reportedly gets a custom chip from Apple with a 40-core CPU and a 128-core GPU.

The company might debut a new iPad Pro with wireless charging, an updated iPad Air, and several upgraded versions of the Mac Mini.