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Microsoft PowerToys is an open-source extension that has released the latest update, making the application to a 0.57 version.

The latest update of Microsoft PowerToys includes minor fixes and a few new features. The update was just supposed to be announced as a maintenance release. But, Microsoft refers to “amazing community support” to roll out an update and a couple of cool features and fixes.

The new PowerToys consists of an innovative and upgraded set of utilities designed to streamline the window experience for users.

Though the update isn’t that huge in terms of new features but includes a long list of fixes. Furthermore, the one new feature that has impressed the users is that the app can now broadcast SVG images as thumbnails when searching in File Explorer.

‘Always on Top’ feature

One of the most desired fixes for Windows users is the ability to always keep particular apps on top of others. The new update has added an “Always on Top” feature, which creates a shortcut to place windows on top of others.

Users can leverage this feature and ability in Microsoft PowerToys by selecting a keyboard shortcut in this window. With Win + Ctrl + T, the window is pinned on the top.

File Explorer preview

The update includes adding and improving G-code support in File Explorer as it runs PowerToys in Windows 11 and 10. It’s for File Explorer’s thumbnails and preview pane.

Another addition is getting a direct web search. With a plugin for web search, users can easily choose the action phrase, which will deliver the query to the default web browser they choose.

New Microsoft PowerToys update highlights

  • The Microsoft PowerToys application is now version 0.57
  • The update supplements the capability of previewing SVG images as thumbnails when searching through the File Explorer
  • The update also included a long list of minor fixes and improvements aimed to deliver a greater window experience
  • The minor fixes and additions were added to the existing plugins of Microsoft PowerToys
  • Instead of clicking once to open the setting, the update has employed a double click on the tray icon