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Oracle gives Fusion Cloud HCM suite more functionality

Oracle gives Fusion Cloud HCM suite more functionality

Oracle added functionality to its Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. The update should provide more capabilities for preventing burnouts, identifying skill deficiencies and planning careers.

The updates to Fusion Cloud HCM bring new functionality to Oracle Dynamic Skills, which now provides a central location for managers to view, assign and manage skills across teams.

Among other things, the functionality displays key employee skills so that managers can more easily achieve business goals and allow team members to acquire role-based skills.

Evaluating employees

Employee evaluation functionality was added to the Oracle Performance Management tool. This gives managers a side-by-side comparison of a team’s performance and the team’s expected performance. The functionality is based on skill and performance monitoring.


Furthermore, the addition of Oracle Touchpoints allows managers to improve communications with employees. Managers can monitor the sentiment among personnel and respond accordingly.

The tool promotes natural interactions between managers and employees. According to Oracle, this strengthens the commitment and trust between the two. The updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM are available immediately.

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