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Oracle introduced Oracle ME, an HR platform with six solutions for employee success.

Oracle develops a broad range of HR solutions, ranging from payroll administration to contract management and recruiting. Each application runs in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, a unified cloud environment. Today, Oracle announced the addition of a platform with six new solutions: Oracle ME, short for ‘my experience’.

Oracle ME

Oracle ME is no basic HR package, but a specialized platform for organizations looking to optimize employee satisfaction and retention. The latter is more important than ever. COVID-19 brought opportunities and challenges alike.

In 2021, Kaspersky researchers estimated that 30 percent of the global workforce considered a career change due to the corona crisis. Recent research from Oracle indicates that 85 percent of the global workforce is dissatisfied with their employer’s support for their careers.

At the same time, the IT industry is facing a talent shortage worldwide. HR departments are clearly under pressure. According to Oracle, positive employee experiences are key to success.

Six solutions

Oracle ME, the new platform, focuses on the communication between managers, HR and staff. The latter is central to productivity and retention. The platform consists of six solutions. A demo is available on request.

1. Oracle Touchpoints is designed for managers. The solution uses surveys to track the work experience of employees. Managers are advised based on the results. For instance, the solution informs on the optimal timing for the first-next feedback moment.

2. Oracle HCM Communicate allows HR staff to communicate with personnel while measuring the effectiveness of communication. The solution connects to workforce data. Resultingly, HR employees can send messages to all employees who meet certain conditions. For example, staff hired in a specific region in the past two years. The engagement of staff is monitored. This insight helps improve communications.

3. Oracle Journeys allows organizations to break down workflows into understandable steps. Suppose you want to train a new employee, or guide existing employees back to the office. Oracle Journeys breaks down the process into sections. The employee walks through understandable sections, has the goal in sight and sees progress.

4. Oracle Connections is an internal social media platform. Employees can create a profile or import their LinkedIn profile. Profiles allow messages to be posted, such as feedback and text or video instructions.

5. Oracle HR Help Desk offers a complete helpdesk system for HR departments. Employees can create support tickets with a system of choice, including SMS, email and social media.

6. The Oracle Digital Assistant is a chatbot for employee support. Although 90 pre-built interactions allow instant deployment, the chatbot can be configured for a range of processes.

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