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Google Assistant and Google Calendar reminders will soon be displayed in Google Tasks. The tech giant currently offers three different apps for task lists and reminders. The upcoming integration will turn Google Tasks into a centralized view.

Google Tasks allows users to set up tasks and reminders. The app is available through iOS, Android and the side panel of Gmail and Google Drive for web. Google Assistant and Google Calendar have a similar feature. Like Tasks, the apps allow users to input tasks and configure reminders.

All three apps record tasks in a separate system. Configuring a task through the Tasks window in Gmail won’t push the task to Calendar or Assistant. The feature can be confusing for users who work with two of the three apps. Users that create a reminder in Assistant while typically working with Calendar may expect the task to pop up in Calendar, and risk missing meetings and other tasks as a result.

Assistant and Calendar to Tasks

Google is addressing the problem with an update. Assistant and Calendar tasks and reminders will soon appear in Tasks. The tech giant is automatically deploying the update to users over the coming months. Creating a task in in Assistant or Calendar will push the task to a central view in Google Tasks.

“Soon, we’ll be simplifying our task management solutions by migrating Assistant and Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks”, Google said in a blog post. “This means you will now have an easy way to view and manage all your to-dos in one place through Google Tasks, regardless of whether you create them using Assistant or Calendar.”

Where’s Keep?

Google seemingly forgot one application. Although Google Keep is typically used to create and track notes, this app allows users to set tasks and reminders too. Like Calendar, Assistant and Tasks, Keep currently uses a separate system to register tasks. Google’s blog post did not clarify whether Keep is included in the integration.

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