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Google Simple ML is now available. The browser add-on adds machine learning capabilities to Google Sheets.

Simple ML is a free extension for Google Sheets. The beta is now available in a panel of the Google Sheets interface. Simple ML can be configured without writing code.

The tool should allow Google Sheets users to apply machine learning to spreadsheets without extensive knowledge. To give an example, Simple ML can be used to forecast trends.

To train the AI models required, users must first assemble a Google Sheets document with a collection of data in rows and columns. After specifying the desired task, the tool automatically trains one or more AI models fit for the job.

Two use cases

Simple AI currently offers two specific use cases. The first use case is populating empty spreadsheet fields by, for example, automatically adding missing prices in product lists.

The second use case is identifying incorrect datapoints. To give an example, the tool can detect text mistakenly input into fields designated for numbers. Simple ML detects discrepancies with as many as ten AI models that automatically review the accuracy of spreadsheet data.

For advanced users, the tool provides technical information on the generated AI models. Users can route generated AI models to Google Colab, a cloud-based code editor for ML and data science projects.

Google Connected Sheets

Simple ML isn’t the only Google add-on for spreadsheets. Another example is Google Connected Sheets, an analysis tool for data stored in BigQuery. Among other things, the tool makes it possible to process billions of spreadsheet rows without running SQL queries.