VMware pushes for multi-cloud strategy with Cross-Cloud Services

VMware pushes for multi-cloud strategy with Cross-Cloud Services

VMware has introduced a new Cloud Smart strategy and a portfolio of Cross-Cloud services. The introductions should make it easier for customers to manage application environments in multi-cloud environments.

According to VMware, businesses today cannot avoid the multi-cloud. Nowadays, most applications run in distributed cloud environments. VMware notes that, on average, three-quarters of companies have their applications and associated data in two cloud environments. Just under half of these use three cloud environments.

Advantages of the multi-cloud include faster application deployment, higher flexibility and risk protection. However, these environments are more complex and distributed than legacy environments, introducing management complexity, slower execution and more cost.

Cloud Smart, the new strategy

According to VMware, it’s no longer about companies focusing on “cloud-first,” but instead on making their cloud environments smart, or “cloud smart”. To facilitate the latter, VMware is introducing the Cloud Smart strategy. With this strategy, the virtualization specialist intends to offer its customers a complete basis for choosing the right cloud environment for their business goals.

Introducing VMware Cross-Cloud Portfolio

Part of this strategy is the arrival of the VMware Cross-Cloud portfolio. These integrated services should offer customers a faster and smarter way to set up their (multi)cloud environments, giving them the freedom, flexibility and security to build, run and secure applications in different cloud environments.

VMware’s Cross-Cloud services consist of several elements: a dedicated platform for building and deploying applications, a cloud infrastructure for exporting and running business applications, tools for managing, monitoring and costing cloud environments, and security and networking solutions for connecting and securing all applications. It also introduces a digital work environment that allows employees from different locations to collaborate on application deployment and management. This work environment features dedicated edge solutions for deploying applications focused on edge environments.

Collaboration with partners

Naturally, VMware will also work with various partners on its Cross-Cloud portfolio. For these partners, including resellers, VMWare will update existing programs and make new programs available.