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Oracle is making its Oracle 23c database available to developers for free. Oracle Database 23c Free – Developer Release also brings new functionality.

With the free 23c database release, Oracle wants to meet the change taking place within the IT world. Previously, operations determined the technology within a company; today, developers determine what the technology stack used should be.

New features

Oracle Database 23c Free-Developer Release has new features, such as JSON Relational Duality. This allows the unification of relational and document-based data models. More specifically, this helps build applications that use either relational data or JSON constructs and provides access to both data stores.

Developers can now ensure and validate JSON document structures via structured JSON Schemas. In addition, it is possible to build transactional as well as analytical ‘property graph’ applications with new SQL standard property graph queries. Grap analytics thereby run on both relational and JSON data.

Other updates

Other new functionality is that applications using Apache Kafka can run against Oracle transactional event queues in Oracle with minimal code changes.

A new SQL domain can serve as lightweight type modifiers that centrally document intended data usage. This should extend and enhance functionality of standard SQL domains. Furthermore, database metadata can be stored directly alongside the data in the Oracle database via a new annotation mechanism.

Oracle Database 23c Free-Developer Release is available as a Docker container image, Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine or a Linux RPM installation file. A Windows version is in the pipeline.

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