Apica brings AI to the data fabric

Apica brings AI to the data fabric

Starting today, the generative AI assistant for the Apica Ascent Platform is generally available. This brings artificial intelligence capabilities for the first time to a data fabric, according to the company.

Apica can add generative AI through its acquisition of Logiq.ai. This acquisition took place in August, and the AI assistant is the first elaboration of the deal. The technology will become available on the Ascent Platform, an active observability platform that can quickly address digital performance issues through automation and advanced data management. In this way, the platform minimizes the impact on business results.

Data context

Specifically, the AI assistant can put analyzed data into context and provide more details about this data. Users are additionally allowed to integrate their own data, making the data context more relevant to their business. Furthermore, integrations are possible with ChatGPT and Azure from OpenAI.

“This marks an important milestone in our mission to simplify data operations and provide our customers with the help they need to deal with data growth, sprawl, complexity and various challenges. By harnessing the power of AI, we enable organizations to take full advantage of their data and get the most out of the applications that they care about the most,” said Ranjan Parthasarathy, CSO at Apica.

The inputs to the AI assistant may vary, according to the company. Some examples of data that artificial intelligence can use include security and system events and OpenTelemetry data. The storage location for the data analyzed may also vary between SaaS and on-prem.

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