Snowflake acquires Ponder for better integration Python workflows

Snowflake acquires Ponder for better integration Python workflows

Snowflake recently acquired Ponder. The acquisition gives Snowflake software for more Python capabilities in the Data Cloud.

Snowflake’s main goal with the acquisition, financial details of which were not disclosed, is to help customers more easily run Python-based Snowpark queries on its platform.

The Snowpark solution provides data engineers and data scientists with a set of runtimes and libraries that can securely deploy and process non-SQL code in the overarching Snowflake Data Cloud Platform.

Snowflake additionally discovered that many users today often use Python with search queries within Snowpark. The platform also sees that the integration of Streamlit has caused the development of interactive applications entirely in Python to grow significantly.

According to Snowflake, these developments justify the acquisition of Ponder. With this company’s technology, developers gain new Python functionality. Through data workflows based on this programming language, developers can bridge the gap between data science libraries and where the data resides.

Better access to Modin

In addition, the acquisition also gives Snowflake users better access to the open-source library of scalable “panda operations” Modin. Modin is managed by Ponder.

Snowflake has not yet disclosed how Ponder’s technology will be integrated into the Snowflake Data Cloud Platform.

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