SAP adds vector datastore to HANA Cloud database

SAP adds vector datastore to HANA Cloud database

SAP HANA Cloud gets vector features for unstructured data to feed AI models with more context. Hallucinations should also decrease by bringing the data to models.

With a vector datastore, data is stored as high-demensional vectors, a mathematical representation of attributes. The advantage of storing data in this way is that data queries and retrieval can be faster and more accurate. In the case of the vector features SAP is adding to the HANA Cloud database, this involves unstructured data from text, images and audio files.

SAP wants the addition of vector functionality to speed up object retrieval by intelligent data applications. Users of the data app can ask their question in plain language, with a model being better able to answer because of the additional information it now has.

In addition to simplifying interaction with LLMs, SAP’s vector datastore helps developers implement generative AI in applications. The HANA Cloud database will store and search vector attributes in conjunction with the business data it already possesses. “With these vector capabilities, SAP HANA Cloud will enable Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), facilitating the combination of LLMs with private business data,” SAP explains. The data applications learn from and embrace the newly available information.

The vector capabilities should be available in the first quarter of 2024.

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Generative AI foundation

Another way to help developers build with generative AI comes with AI Foundation. SAP describes that as a one-stop-shop for developers to build AI and generative AI-powered extensions and applications on the Business Technology Platform.

AI Foundation brings together various SAP tools and adds new features. For example, the new BTP addition features AI services, generative AI management, AI workload management, access to business data and context and lifecycle management. This is based on SAP AI Core, SAP AI Launchpad and SAP HANA Cloud.

Later this year, AI Foundation will also feature generative AI hub in SAP AI Core. This addition offers developers access to LLMs from other vendors. Developers can orchestrate multiple models. The hub also provides tools for prompt engineering and other features for accelerating the building of generative AI applications.

The generative AI hub, available in December, will interoperate with SAP HANA Cloud’s vector datastore.

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