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Datawarehouse company Snowflake has released Snowpark. This software makes it possible for developers to add their own code to the Snowflake software.

With the new tool, customers can expand Snowflake with their own specific warehouse tasks. This allows them to perform their own specific information management tasks. Developers can create the Snowpark extensions in Java, Scala and Python. Snowpark is now available in test environments.

Unstructured data

Besides Snowpark, Snowflake has revealed another improvement. The company now offers support for unstructured data. Until now, the company could only handle data that was at least somewhat structured, such as tables and measurement data from connected devices.

Now there is also support for sound files, videos, PDF files and images. This allows companies to put even more of their data on the Snowflake platform. The improvement is currently in the preview phase.

Access restrictions

Snowflake has also worked on the security of the platform. Administrators can now indicate per row in a table who can access it. This allows, for example, the ability to let certain parties access the purchase history, but not the credit card details of customers. The preview of this feature will be available later this year.

Stock market

About two months ago, Snowflake went public. It was an instant success. The company was aiming for a market cap of 25 billion euros, but the shares rose rapidly and were worth 215.2 euros at the end of the day. This brought the total value of the company to around 59 million euros. Currently, the shares are worth around 209 euros.