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OpenAI starts selling its text-based AI models to companies

OpenAI starts selling its text-based AI models to companies

OpenAI will release an API that provides access to the research lab’s new AI models. It is the first time that the organisation will be offering paid services.

Companies can access the AI models at enterprise level through monthly payments. The API is released free of charge as a private beta for companies to try out the new service for two months. According to OpenAI, the company will keep an eye out to make sure that that the AI models will not be exploited in any way.

Advanced text generator

OpenAI’s best-known AI model is GPT-3, a comprehensive ‘text generator’ that can answer questions and solve math equations, improve English grammar, and even write poems. Companies can integrate the AI model into chatbots to generate answers to customer questions or even write automated news articles. OpenAI previously indicated that they would not sell this service because they were afraid it could easily be abused, such as spreading misinformation.

Other examples of AI models released as part of the API are AI Dungeon 2, a text-based adventure game that automatically creates new storylines as you play the game, and Talk to Transformer, an interactive version of the predecessor of the GPT-3 text generator. Reddit is one of the first customers of the new API. The company wants to use the API to help moderators manage the posts on the website.

No more nonprofit

The fact that OpenAI is now coming on with a subscription is remarkable since the organisation was initially founded as a nonprofit organisation for research into machine learning and AI. Last year, the organisation added a profit component to the company in order r to fund research. Because of this, it will be easier for the company to raise capital to accelerate the development of AI technology. Last year, Microsoft invested 1 billion dollars (889 million euros) in the company.