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Epson has expanded its range of technical printers with two new models. These are the 24-inch SureColor SC-T3100x and the 36-inch SureColor SC-T5400M.

The SureColor SCT3100x is a successor to the SCT3100. According to Epson, the entry-level desktop printer offers affordable, reliable performance for poster producers, small POS companies and educational workers.

The SC-T3100x has a refillable ink system that uses 140 millilitre ink bottles. By choosing this system and not traditional cartridges, the ease of use should be increased and the operating costs should be reduced. Nozzle control technology (NVT) also helps to prevent misprints.

The printer also includes a touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity. This also allows users to print wirelessly from tablets and smartphones.

SureColor SC-T5400M

The SureColor SC-T5400M is the largest of the two models, with its 36 inches. This multifunctional, technical wide-format printer includes an integrated scanner and copier. The device has a print speed of 22 seconds for an A1 image. The scanning throughput is 4.5 aps in colour and 7.5 aps in black and white.

Epson developed the SureColor SC-T5400M for construction workers and people in reprographic departments who appreciate detail, precision and flexibility. The printer is operated via a touchpad interface with a 4.3-inch colour LCD screen. The device can accommodate paper rolls with a diameter of 170 mm and a length of 150 m, as well as cartridges with a length of 350 ml.

For example, the scanner can convert old floor plans and blueprints, which are usually saved as hard-copies, into electronic files. Blueprints can also be revised, as well as manually annotated, scanned and distributed. You can also scan and print directly from a USB stick. It is also possible to print wirelessly from tablets and smartphones.


Epson will make the SureColor SC-T5400M available from September. The smaller SureColor SC-T3100x will appear on the market in November 2019. Epson has not disclosed what the devices will cost.