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‘Chip shortage hinders functionality of Canon printer toners’

‘Chip shortage hinders functionality of Canon printer toners’

In response to the chip shortage, Canon has announced that it will cut the number of printer models eligible for toners containing chips. The decision can lead to malfunctioning alerts.

Printer manufacturers are suffering from the global chip shortage. The problem stems from ink toners dependent on chips. Among other things, some toners feature chips to allow updates on ink levels in cartridges.

Canon warning

In response to the shortage, Canon has decided to not equip certain printer models with toners containing chips. The manufacturer states that this does not affect the quality of the prints. However, other functionality may be affected, such as the determination of toner levels. The lack of chips will cause error messages in affected printers.

Canon published instructions on dealing with these error messages. The messages can indicate that a problem causes toner ink levels to not be determined correctly. Customers are advised to disregard the alerts by clicking on ‘OK’ or ‘I Agree’. Only when an ‘EMPTY’ message appears, the toner or ink cartridge must actually be replaced.