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Canonical, the company behind the Linux distribution Ubuntu, will support the free and paid Ubuntu Pro LTS version two years longer than the standard 10 years of support. This is possible through the new paid Ubuntu Pro service Legacy Support. The service will be available starting with version Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Canonical has not yet announced the cost of the additional two years of support.

Users of the free -up to five devices- and paid business Ubuntu Pro LTS versions will now receive 12 years of support through the additional Legacy Support service starting with release 14.04 LTS. This is two years longer than Ubuntu Pro’s standard ten years of support. The service includes phone and ticket support.

Ubuntu Pro LTS support for Ubuntu v14.04 is nearing the end of its support term, which is April 2024. Now when users purchase a Legacy Support subscription, this support will continue until April 2026.

Extra time to upgrade to a new OS

According to the open source specialist, the service allows Ubuntu Pro users to keep their devices accessible, secure and supported for several more years. This gives IT teams more time to prepare for an OS update and all the additional tasks that come with it while all operations can continue as usual.

Canonical says this reduces the complexities of upgrading to the latest OS version. These include updating the entire software stack running on top of the operating system and integrating new architectures such as containers, microservices, extended data management features, and integration with third-party APIs.

New Ubuntu LTS version in April

For the standard Linux distribution Ubuntu, version 24.04 LTS will be released in the coming month. Without the Ubuntu Pro subscription, this version gets five years of support until 2029. With Ubuntu Pro, that is, until 2034 and soon with Legacy Support for Ubuntu Pro until 2036.

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