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Rapid announces the public beta of API Hub for Business. The new product supports SMBs in expanding products and services.

API Hub for Business allows SMBs to share APIs externally and monetize them. Components include a customizable API hub, support the payment process and a unique domain. The beta also offers up to 10 million API calls, unlimited APIs and up to 25 API builders.

For the payment process, API Hub for Business lets SMBs use their Stripe account. The customizable API Hub also allows API providers control over the look and feel of the experience by supporting further branding and customization. Think of a company logo, the colors and imagery, which companies use to tailor the API Hub to their specific needs. The unique domain, in turn, means that companies can promote their APIs in a dedicated place, which should be good for the brand, experience and results in search.

Demand from companies

According to Rapid, it is common for large companies to charge money for access to APIs. “It is far less common for smaller companies to charge for API access. Smaller companies may not have the same scale or resources to invest in creating APIs and supporting developer ecosystems. So they may be more likely to offer their APIs for free as a way to attract developers and build a user base,” Rapid said.

However, the company is seeing a growing desire among smaller companies to charge for API access. Particularly when they have APIs with unique or valuable functionality. Charging for APIs can help these smaller companies control usage and manage the cost of API development and maintenance.

Rapid initially offers a 30-day trial period. After that, various subscription are available.

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