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SUSE adds more security features to Rancher and the newest release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) . Furthermore, it makes SLES future-proof with enough capacity to run heavier AI workloads.

On the first day of SUSECON 2023, SUSE unveils its latest SUSE Linux Enterprise. SLES 15 SP5 needs to get enterprises ready for digital transformation and therefore delivers high-performance computing capabilities for running AI and ML workloads.

Another focus point in the update is security. To that end, live patching capabilities expand, and confidential computing integrates fully. This means users can run fully encrypted virtual machines regardless of their environment.

Finally, SUSE is moving in the cloud native direction with its open source project SUSE Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP). To this end, ALP is evolving into a modular Linux.

SUSE Rancher

SUSE’s container management platform is also getting updates. These include improved storage management by integrating the latest Storage Perfomance Development Kit.

Harvester 1.2 will also be released in July, focusing on simplifying cloud native infrastructure. SUSE NeuVector 5.2 is also being updated, for improved vulnerability management and more straightforward Kubernetes security. Examples include database integration to quickly access the list of common vulnerabilities and NIST 800-53. Starting in July, the security platform will also be available through the AWS Marketplace.

Finally, the platform gets AI infused by integrating an AI assistant into the Rancher Prime customer channel on Slack.