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Google Cloud serves enterprises with specialized GKE version

Google Cloud serves enterprises with specialized GKE version

Google Cloud is making GKE Enterprise, part of its managed Kubernetes service, generally available starting Nov. 15. Among other things, this large enterprise version can run multiple Kubernetes clusters side by side and provides free access to the new Advanced Vulnerability Insights feature.

GKE Enterprise has been in preview for two months and will be generally available on November 15th, Google Cloud indicates. The wholesale version has all the features of the standard version of GKE. These include features such as automatically adding and removing required hardware resources for workloads, automatically updating Kubernetes and other management tasks.

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Better functionality

This functionality is enhanced with features that are especially useful to larger enterprises. These include managing and monitoring multiple Kubernetes clusters through a single dashboard or configuring (container) clusters through a collection of code files.

When administrators update a cluster configuration, GKE Enterprise ensures these changes are automatically applied to relevant Kubernetes clusters. This saves time, allowing developers and administrators to focus more on developing apps and better customer experiences.

The wholesale version also offers some networking options not included in the standard version. These include a managed service mesh and a tool that coordinates application traffic across multiple Kubernetes clusters.

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Access to Advanced Vulnerability Insights

In addition, GKE Enterprise users get free access to the new security service Advanced Vulnerability Insights that Google recently released. This service automatically scans the open-source components in a Kubernetes cluster for vulnerabilities. This new tool can analyze open-source projects in Java, Go, JavaScript and Python.

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