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IT professionals who have certain Google Cloud certifications are the most in demand in the EMEA region, having high avarage salaries. Certified security experts are also in demand.

That’s according to figures from Skillsoft. In particular, the following certifications are involved: Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Security Engineer, Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Developer, Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect and Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer.

The Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer earns the most on average, although Skillsoft does not give an exact amount. In any case, it is more than the average salary of the runner-up, the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer. The latter earns an average of 143,531 euros per year in the EMEA region.

A certified Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect earns an average of 130,000 euros and a Professional Data Engineer an average of 126,000 euros.

The highest-earning non-Google Cloud-certified IT employee in the EMEA region is a CISSP-certified cybersecurity specialist. This one earns an average of 119,000 euros in the EMEA region.

High demand for cloud and security employees

According to Skillsoft, the demand for Google Cloud specialists and certifiers is remarkable. This may be because the tech giant’s public cloud environment is becoming increasingly popular and more companies are moving to it. Cloud and security experts in general, of course, still remain in demand by companies.

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