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Google has pledged $1 million (€931,000) to the Rust Foundation. With this money, the technology giant intends to contribute to an initiative to interoperate Rust code with legacy C++ code bases.

The Interop Initiative, aims to “slowly migrate current C++ to Rust.” There has been an enthusiastic response in the industry to the Rust language because of its security advantages and improved developer productivity. On the other hand, C++ is very prevalent in software, becoming a standard for developing software with robust performance requirements, such as operating systems and video games. Although Rust offers an alternative, C++ seems likely to remain in the industry for at least the next few years, partly because many developers have mastered the language and enterprise software is already based on it.


With the Interop Initiative, companies are encouraged to switch to the more secure Rust. For Google, supporting such an initiative is important since many Android apps are based on C++. “Rust is one of the strongest tools we have to address memory safety security issues,” Google said. It should make it easy for developers to write functionality in Rust.

Google wants to work with the Rust project to ensure that “any additions made are suitable and address the challenges of Rust adoption that projects using C++ face.” Google sees improving memory-safe as one of the most critical technology challenges today. That’s why it wants to work with the community and industry to make the open-source ecosystem safer for everyone.

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