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Microsoft announces acquisition of Lobe. The start-up has created a platform for building AI models using a visual interface, without the need for code or technical knowledge.

According to Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott, people are only just beginning to discover the full potential of AI.

This is largely because developing and building deep learning models for AI is a slow and complex process, even for experienced data scientists and developers, says the Microsoft leader. To date, many people have experienced a disadvantage when it comes to access to AI and we are determined to change that.


That’s also Lobe’s vision and so the start-up was in Microsoft’s sights. The young company was founded in 2015, has three employees and is based in San Francisco. With their platform, they also want to make AI development accessible to non-developers and non-experts.

For the time being, the Lobe platform will be further developed as an independent product within Microsoft. About the future development and possible integration of the technology in other Microsoft products, was not communicated. The financial details were also not disclosed.

AI strategy

For Microsoft, Lobe is the umpteenth in a series of acquisitions of start-ups specialising in AI. Earlier this year, the company also took Semantics Machines and Bonsai under its wings, specialized in natural language processing and a platform for autonomous learning AI respectively.

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The acquisitions fit within Microsoft’s broader strategy of the intelligent cloud and edge. Artificial intelligence is an important pillar of this, and in particular giving users the means to develop their own AI.

In the coming years, 80% of the companies will be working with artificial intelligence. Our view is that we give customers the building blocks to create their own AI. Not that they are dependent on a handful of large companies offering it, said Microsoft leader Nick Parker during a recent keynote at IFA in Berlin.

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