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Appian has released the latest version of its low code platform. The release delivers performance improvements, better integration with Appian AI and new Health Check features.

The release has five main branches: AI, DevOps, Health Check, newly connected systems and implementation towards mobile systems.


Unlike other vendors, who often build their own AI solution, Appian uses Google AI services. In this release, support for Google Cloud Translation is added. According to the company, customers in need of localisation will see this as an advantage, especially as no code writing is required to implement it. There is also support for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Appian offers a free version of the standard Appian AI in the Appian Platform. It is also included as part of Appian Free Trials.


Developers can now start working directly in any environment. For customers with large multi-environmental sites, this will significantly reduce the time required for implementation. It will also eliminate the need for third party DevOps software.

Integrated Health Checks

Appian has updated Health Check so that DevOps teams can incorporate Health Check into their pipelines. This means that applications are continuously assessed throughout the application’s lifecycle. It is also available in production environments to see how an application is performing. This enables operational teams to identify application performance issues, as well as any security issues.

Newly connected systems

More than 400 connectors and accelerators were already available in the Appian AppMarket. This release adds three more. DocuSign enables users to integrate DocuSign’s eSign capability into their applications. It is a plug-in without code that connects to the DocuSign API. There will also be support for version 4 of the AWS signature. This allows customers to communicate with more than 100 AWS services. In Google Drive, customers can now transfer, manage and search files and folders in Google Drive from Appian.

Mobile deployment

Appian wants to provide IT administrators with the tools to centrally manage the security, policy and delivery of Appian apps across different mobile devices. Although many customers will have their own Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, this is also integrated into the Appian platform.