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GitLab rolled out an update for the GitLab CI/CD platform this week. The update should make pipelines more efficient and easier to manage. Pipelines should also be easier to set up in Windows environments.

Version 12.7 of the GitLab platform adds support for Parent-Child Pipelines and Pipeline Resource Groups. Parent-Child Pipelines allow individual child pipelines to run simultaneously, while Pipeline Resource Groups should allow DevOps teams to reduce pipeline competition to improve management of workloads and resources.

In addition, a Code Review Analytics module has been designed to make it easier to find Merge Requests in review that require a particular type of intervention. At the same time, there are improved Merge Request widgets, that show when changes have been made in a specific environment.

More new features

Other new features on the GitLab platform include the ability to automatically trigger all changes using GitLab’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and the ability to share group access with other groups.

Finally, GitLab has added a beta version of Windows Shared Runner that brings Windows environments to the GitLab platform through a managed service. Darren Eastman, senior product manager for Runner at GitLab, states that Windows environments are now becoming “full citizens” of the GitLab platform, instead of having to separately download agent software to run workloads on a GitLab pipeline.