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Hybrid cloud specialist Nutanix and the Udacity online learning platform together launch a special training program for IT professionals to specialise in hybrid cloud technology. This is intended to further increase the knowledge among professionals of hybrid cloud technologies.

According to the hybrid cloud specialist and online educator, more services and workloads now move to the cloud, IT professionals increasingly need a certain level of knowledge and expertise for this. Especially since the move to the cloud increasingly means that the infrastructure required for this move ranges from on-premise to public cloud environments.

According to Nutanix and Udacity, knowledge and expertise for a hybrid cloud model is indispensable, but the current training possibilities for this are at a standstill. Research shows that 85 percent of the IT professionals surveyed see the hybrid cloud as the ideal business model, but only 32 percent say they have sufficient knowledge about it.

Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree Program

Both parties have therefore joined forces to increase the level of knowledge of IT professionals about the hybrid cloud. Concretely, this has led to the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program. This training programme aims to improve the learning opportunities in regard to cloud technologies that are essential for organisations that improve their IT infrastructure.

Participation and selection

Any IT professional with an interest in improving his or her hybrid cloud skills can participate in the program. They can register for the Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Scholarship program via online trainer Udacity.

Subsequently, the online learning platform selects 5,000 candidates who will participate in the Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals course. This course covers topics such as Modern Private Cloud Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Application Design, Automating Private Cloud and Designing Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.

Full scholarship

The 500 best students of the 5,000 participants will eventually receive a full Nutanix-sponsored scholarship for the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree programme. Enrollment in the Hybrid Cloud Nanodegree program started on March 31, 2020 and will continue until April 30, 2020, 11:59 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST).