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Google has launched an excellence centre to cater to indie software vendors and help them benefit fully from its cloud offering. ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are under pressure from customers who are not happy with merely running apps in the cloud. The cloud may be low-cost with increased app availability, but customers want more than that. 

Google said that this decision will tap into higher value from data through advanced tech they have developed in analytics and AI. They also want to tap into the technology ecosystem, inherent in the cloud.

Google Cloud is the answer

The ISVs know about the potential the cloud offers. They aim to reconfigure their apps by becoming more agile and buying into multi-cloud architectures to make the apps more portable and hopefully transform their business models in the long run.

Siddhartha Agarwal, the managing director of the Strategic SaaS partnerships for the company, said that the new center of ISV/SaaS excellence will help independent developers fast track their journey to the cloud.

Faster and better is what customers want

The customers of ISVs say that they do not necessarily want the software to be delivered on-premises, and companies that have their apps in the cloud now want them to be faster and easier to access. Google’s far-reaching capabilities will help the ISVs make the demands of their customers, a reality.

The ISVs who will make a move to sign up to the center of excellence will have the unique opportunity to access Google experts on solutions in architecture and sales, among other fields. The ISVs will learn how to integrate into Google Cloud services and enable a faster journey.

Google’s Anthos platform is where most of the cloud transformation work is happening. With it, the ISVs can host their apps and deliver faster.

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