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The first developers are getting the benefits of the Apple Small Business Program. Developers with low App Store revenues now have to pay a lower commission to Apple.

Developer Aditya Rajveer of Marvis App noticed that for every purchase of his 5.99 dollar app he received 5.09 dollar from Apple. This means that Apple only retained 15 percent, as the company had promised. The developers of the Nikola app also saw that they only had to pay 1.49 dollar for every 9,99 dollar sale.

In November, Apple announced that it was lowering its App Store commission for small developers. Developers earning no more than 1 million dollars from the App Store only need to share 15 percent of that revenue with Apple. If developers earn more than 1 million dollars, they still have to share the usual 30 percent.

Coalition for App Fairness

The decision follows a battle that erupted this year between Apple and several developers who produce apps on the platform. This so-called Coalition for App Fairness, led by Epic Games and supported, among others, by Spotify, complains that the 30 percent that Apple asks for apps published in the App Store is unfair. Since apps for iPhones and iPads can only be installed via the App Store, Apple is said to have a monopoly position, all the more so because the company strictly prohibits alternative payment methods within the apps themselves.

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