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Microsoft readies Power Fx for low-code language

Microsoft readies Power Fx for low-code language

Microsoft’s new language aims to further simplify access to its Power Platform low-code/no-code platform.

Microsoft is continuing to try to make its Power Platform collection of low-code tools easier for non-programmers to use. The latest addition to the Power Platform stable looks to be a new low-code language Microsoft calls Power Fx.

A Tweet by The Walking Cat revealed the platform last week. “‘Microsoft Power Fx’ is a formula based low-code language for Power Platform,” they posted. Microsoft watchers think they will most likely announce Power Fx at Microsoft’s Ignite virtual event the first week of March.

COVID-19 pandemic drives the demand for low-code platforms

Microsoft is rushing to cash in on the booming demand for low-code and no-code platforms that help enterprise users develop their own software solutions in-house.

The pandemic has generated an increased demand for custom software solutions in support of the digital transformation that COVID has forced on businesses. This in turn has sparked the emergence of citizen developers outside of IT, according to Gartner Research. That surge in “non-techie” development in turn has influenced the rise in low-code. Gartner expects the low-code market to jump by 23% in 2021.

Power Fx is for “non-techie” business users

Microsoft appears to be targeting business users as its market for the new low-code platform. Specifically, rumours say that Power Fx will target MS Excel users, who are a key Power Platform audience. That is because the language bases itself on formulas expresed as text. Indeed, The Walking Cat followed up their initial Tweet with a short pronouncement: “sounds like its basically Excel Formulas,” they added.

As with Power Apps and Power Automate, users will be able to add regular code to formulas using traditional developer tools when needed. Microsoft’s goal with Power Fx, however, is to maker Power Platform an accessible go-to solution for business people with little or no coding experience.