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Personalization tools top the list of new functionalities added to the Google’s popular developer platform

Google this week announced a slew of updates to its Firebase developer platform. They also announced a milestone: Firebase now powers over 3 million apps. The announcements were made at the tech giant’s I/O developer conference.

Firebase product manager Kristen Richards detailed the new additions in a blog post on Tuesday. “Over the past year, apps helped us adapt and thrive in our new circumstances,” she writes. “And apps will no doubt continue to play an important role for many years to come.”

“Our mission is to empower developers like you to succeed by providing the resources and technology you need to unblock innovation in ways big and small,” she said, “so you can focus on building and scaling the apps that people rely on.”

A slew of new features to handle security, personalization and other issues

“Keeping your infrastructure and users safe is an important priority for us,” Richards continued. “That’s why we’re excited to announce that App Check, a powerful new security feature, is now available in beta. App Check is an additional layer of security that protects access to your services by verifying that incoming traffic is coming from your app.”

A few months ago, Google added support for Firebase Authentication. Now, Richards announced Cloud Storage for Firebase is also joining the Emulator Suite. This will give developers broader coverage of the company’s backend products, she said.

Richards unveiled realtime data for Performance Monitoring and a revamped dashboard as part iof the suite of new features. They have also enhanced search, filtering, and games reporting in Crashlytics. Thay also have expanded Firebase App Distribution to support Android App Bundles for streamlined testing.

Firebase Remote Config gets the most attention in this release, it seems. The company has redesigned the Remote Config console to highlight vital information and give developers more flexibility.

“With these improvements to Firebase, we aim to make app development faster, easier, and streamline your path to business success,” Richards concludes.

“People are relying on your apps to thrive in our new world, and you can rely on us to help you build, run, and scale your apps.”