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When users first tested the 2021 iPad Pro, they did not have trouble using Center Stage, a camera feature that works with all the video calling apps. The feature keeps you in the centre of the frame as you walk or shift your chair around.

When there are more people in the frame, it zooms out to ensure that everyone can be seen. However, there was no way to control whether or not the feature was used, without taking a deep dive into iPad Pro settings. Zoom has now announced the release of an update in the App Store, so you can control Center Stage.

Two major highlights

The update will utilize the iPad Pro’s new processing power and add official support for Center Stage. Zoom posted screenshots showing a button on the call interface that lets you switch Center Stage on and off without leaving the app.

The other addition in the update expands the gallery view, which adds a few more participants. The exact number was not specified. If the number of feeds gets overwhelming, you can zoom in to reduce or increase the number of video streams coming at you.

Coming soon

Zoom said, in a blog post, that the update will be available starting this week and will be in version 5.6.6. of the app. As of Wednesday, the update was not yet available on the App Store. The announcement comes a week after Zoom announced that it would be rolling out Zoom Events.

The recently announced platform is believed to be something that will remain even after the pandemic. Many people like the current work situation and find the flexibility freeing. For a significant number, remote working is going to continue to be the norm.

As the world returns to normal, Zoom Events will enable hybrid events to continue, where attendants come in person or attend virtually.