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Atlassian is bringing new features to Jira to simplify developers’ work further.

To provide insight into app performance, Compass components are now made available within Jira. Compass is Atlassian’s developer portal that tracks the components of engineering teams. All software components are catalogued to maintain visibility. Components can be APIs and software libraries, for example.

Many development teams use both Jira and Compass. Until now, they had to switch between the tools, potentially leading to context loss. The update makes Compass components directly accessible in Jira, allowing users to link software issues in Jira to components from the Compass catalog.

This provides faster access from Jira to needed information, such as health status, standards compliance, documentation and related CI/CD activities.

Work Suggestions

The second new feature for Jira, called Work Suggestions, focuses on addressing an existing problem facing developers: dealing with tasks that come up unexpectedly in between. These tasks are challenging to fit into a work schedule. They can include reviewing pull requests, resolving build errors and fixing vulnerabilities that must be addressed immediately. Atlassian indicates that other tools are often used for such work.

Schermafbeelding van een Jira-dashboard met verschillende projectmanagementtaken en problemen in een kanban-stijl bord.

Work Suggestions aims to change this traditional approach by automatically displaying high-priority tasks in Jira. This way, developers can better align urgent tasks with other scheduled work in Jira. The above gif shows what Work Suggestions looks like.

Tip: Atlassian wants to increase productivity developers with updates to Jira