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Kong’s latest version of its microservice API gateway, Kong Gateway (OSS) 2.5, is now available under an Apache 2.0 license. The release comes with enhancements that include a new framework, several plugin improvements, and changes in its Hybrid Mode.

The Performance Testing Framework will provide users with a convenient way to conduct performance benchmarks on the Kong Gateway, to make sure it operates within specific parameters.

It will help understand the Gateway’s ability, for instance, to handle requests per second on a specific EC2 instance. With that information, users can estimate hardware requirements better and potentially save money.

What the new version can do

As the firm explains, the Framework is baked into Kong Gateway’s existing integration testing approach to make performance tests easier. There are examples provided in the Kong Repository for the same.

The release also paves way for future updates. For instance, Hybrid Mode, under which Kong Gateway operates as a data plane to flexibly delegate request traffic APIs, and as a control plane for the synchronization of gateway configurations across the platform’s data places.

In line with these changes, control planes have become more lenient in checking the compatibility of data planes in Hybrid mode, as well as an upstream health check endpoint on the data plane using the status API for visibility.

Other improvements

Finally, Kong Gateway (OSS) 2.5 provides many plugin enhancements. For instance, the Syslog plugin now has facility configuration options, which enable plugins to group error messages from multiple sources.

The Prometheus plugin shows the status of connected data places, metrics to help when troubleshooting, and when data planes have inconsistent configurations across the cluster.

The offering is available to download for free from several channels provided on the official Kong website.