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Automation Anywhere unveiled its new assessment tool and professional service offerings to help enterprises implement robotic process automation in their operations. Robotic process automation (RPA) refers to a class of software that uses artificial intelligence to perform repetitive business chores done by employees.

Automation Anywhere is one of the leading RPA software providers in the market, with over $840 million in venture funding to continue its work.

The RPA platform the company provides allows companies to create software bots that perform manual work that would have required people.  

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Locating RPA implementation opportunities

If the enterprises had to create their own bots, deploy and maintain them, it would be complex and ultimately cost more, given that enterprises have hundreds of tasks they could automate.

The new assessment tool introduced by Automation Anywhere removes some of the complexity in enterprise-level automation projects. The tool is called RPA Maturity Assessment and creates a report providing companies with an overview of where they could implement RPA.

Automation Anywhere says that the RPA Maturity Assessment evaluates program effectiveness across vision and strategy, process and measurement, organization and people, and architecture and technology.

Something for the non-technical users

The company also announced a new software license to its flagship RPA platform Automation 360, tailored for business users.

The Citizen Developer license allows enterprises to create Automation 360 accounts for non-technical employees to bots themselves. IT teams can manage the accounts using an administrative console to assist non-technical users where necessary.

Automation Anywhere is also adding new professional service offerings to help enterprises make it easier for business users to participate in RPA projects.

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